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When talking about search optimization for mobile apps, the first thing that comes up is App Store Optimization or ASO. But did you know that you can also use Search Engine Optimization or SEO to boost downloads of your mobile app?

Mobile app profile pages don’t show up in search engine listings the way Web pages do. So what can you do that gets your mobile app showing up in search engine listings?

Having a presence on the Web is the starting point in leveraging the traffic flowing to your app. The more details the microsite has, the better. If you’ve got a blog associated with your product and the landing page, even better.

The more visibility you build for your landing page, or the more it shows up in relevant search results pertaining to your app’s category or keywords, the more traffic and downloads your app would receive.

So here are some of the best actionable SEO tips from the most well known experts that can increase visibility for your mobile app on search engines and thus help boost downloads.

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