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Custom Web Portal Development

Running an organization isn’t a cakewalk especially when you are dealing with a massive hierarchy and meticulous operational structure. Every company needs to maintain a systematic pattern of essential activities to tackle the various function that takes place on a continuous basis. Although, information-based management systems acquire a significantly high expense rate making it out of reach for medium-scale enterprises.

With Trank Technologies, all your worries related to data management and intra-organizational communication can go away in a matter of time. We are a rapidly growing web development and application development firm that majorly offers CRM and HRM development solutions for B2B and B2C enterprises. A cost-effective enterprise portal built by our team can help you focus on your business growth while the communication aspect of your organization is being taken care of by an efficient application portal.

How Our Custom Web Portal Development Services Can Help?

Time-Bound Planning

Time-Bound Planning

When you opt for a custom web portal, you get to plan time-bound practices and stay ahead with the operational schedule.

Expedient Sharing Process

Expedient Sharing Process

With custom web portals, you can manage the sharing process of your enterprise along with tackling recurring scheduling issues.

Transparent Communication

Transparent Communication

Other than managing schedules, custom web portals can also help you develop a transparent policy of communication.

Activity Automation

Activity Automation

Our developers can customize your web portal to automate every precise activity of your business to boost productivity.

Custom Web Portal Development Expertise

  • Industry-Oriented Portal Solutions
  • Online Asset Management
  • Enterprise Portal Customization
  • Automated Help Desk
  • Supply Chain Management Tools
  • Data Management Setup
  • All-Encompassing Business Automation
  • Smart Interaction Portals for Businesses
Custom Web Portal Development Expertise

Our Custom Web Portal Development Solutions

CRM Development

It stands for customer relationship management specifically used for managing sales and trading practices of the business online. We can build a well-defined CRM platform that you can utilize to connect with your existing customers and invite new users with a promise of better experience and services.

HRM Development

HRM development deals with the human resource operations of an organization for accessing the employee database and auditing practice execution. Besides this, a smartly designed HRM tool also helps in scheduling training, assigning, and increment aspects of a company promoting a great deal of resource management and performance-boosting.

ERP Development

Enterprise resource planning development is an intricated part of our services in which we build inter-organizational planning software for seamless company management. Our development experts design and customize ERP platforms for effective financial planning, resource management, accounting, procurement, and much more.

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