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Ecommerce Seo

Ecommerce Seo

So, for more attention and traffic on your online store, SEO is a critical first step. To achieve the same, you should build up and e-commerce SEO for your online store. Don't know about e-commerce SEO?

E-Commerce SEO is the process of making your website more visible on Google search engine result pages. Everyone wants to be ranked at the top of the results when it comes to SEO on google search. How is that possible? It is possible if you have a good profile SEO. But what makes an SEO an E-Commerce one?

Following are tactics that make your content an e-commerce SEO

  1. use optimized headlines.
  2. proper description of the product.
  3. internal link structure.
  4. Metadata.
  5. Search Description.

So, my answer to this question is yes! It matters a lot. Let's understand it in a better way. Suppose you want to search for something on Google. You will type and search for it. Are you going to read the content of the very first result? No, not really. We humans have a habit of comparing things, and we do the same with the Google results also. We will check the site, and finally, read out the content from the most attractive and user-friendly site. Isn't it true? I know we all do the same, nothing new! Now, for the same, it means to have the most attractive and user-friendly online store, it is must to have an e-commerce SEO. E-commerce SEO provides an ease to communicate directly with the customer. It helps to gain traffic and increase sales. Once you gain more audience to your site, it becomes easy to advertise your high-quality product and motivating calls for action.

Now, the question arises on how to develop an E-commerce strategy?

There are several ways of enhancing sales and gaining more specific audience but some of the best ways are:

Always go with the right keyword

Yes, you get that right! Keywords are the most essential part of any content. You should always highlight your keywords and attract attention over a specific area and prove them right for choosing your online store for anything. It helps a lot. It gives a good and effective result on your page. You can analyze the keywords search results, CPC ( cost per click ) and user intent as well.

keep an eye on competitor's online store also

It is important to know what your competitors are doing and how they are changing. Because as per their change and ideas, you can invent something better than others. Something which gains more attention to your page. For better results, you need to have better optimization.

Research about your Homepage SEO

If you are working on any online store, it becomes very important to gain more online reputation of the products and we know for a better reputation, you need to have a better homepage SEO. Yes, it can do a miracle! Having a better homepage title, meta description, content (avoid overloading of content), simple architecture, better internal links, image optimization, better product name, and video can do a miracle! This is something that a user wants. 

Always have a responsive web design

Mobile is just not a device but it has become a part of life. We do shopping, use social sites, know more about companies with the help of a mobile phone. 85% of people use mobile for all of their daily purpose. And for the same, the user wants a responsive site that works properly on their systems and phone as well. Having a responsive web design is the key to growth nowadays.

Must contain a help center and customer review block -

To satisfy the user, your online store must contain these blocks. Without these two, your page can never be a good one. You must know what more a user wants from your brand and what are the problems they are facing on your site. You must review your product and try to improve them in a better way.

How E-Commerce SEO is possible?

It is not easy for every one of us to know about e-commerce and go help you all a little better, there are several tools available in digital marketing. Some of them are:

- Ubersuggest

- Ahrefs

- ScreamingFrog

- Moz 

These are some of the important tools that can help to lead your online store to great heights. 

Jumping straight to the internal conversions is not the solution until and unless you know about this e-commerce SEO. Though, It is a huge task especially when you already have so many popular websites in the digital world but with solid speed and great strategy you can always achieve your goal! 

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