Mobile app web desgining

Mobile app web desgining

Before putting web designing into our minds we need to first understand the basic terms that are directly or indirectly related to this. So, before proceeding further let's understand what is a mobile app? And how mobile app is different from a web app? Many of us have this misconception that these two terms are similar but honestly, they are not! These two terms are way too much different from each other. Let's know-how?

Mobile App -  so in simple words, the mobile app is that native application that is designed for a specific purpose or for specific Android system, iOS, Apple iPhone. and These apps can easily be installed or downloaded from any app store. Some of the common examples of mobile apps are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and etc.

Web App -  on the other hand, web apps is the application that is mainly accessed by the internet browser. They are not designed for a particular system, instead, they are adapt the device whichever you are viewing. They are designed in a responsive manner. And due to which they behave like adapting your phone system and give an impression of similarity with the mobile app. Though they can't be installed or downloaded.

So, let's be more specific in terms of mobile app and web app. These two are not similar. Not only in features but they developing is also way too different from each other. Let's focus on how these apps are developed.

Mobile app development?

Mobile app development is not an easy task, it is a lot more difficult than the web app development as they are designed in order to perform a specific task. So, they are built with help of using specific languages more often like java and with IDE ( integrated development environments ) and commonly built with help of using Android Studio or Eclipse IDE.

Web App Development?

So, the web application is developed by using simple HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. And when we compare web app to mobile app, the web application is much easier to build and access. But in this developer do not have access to templates.

Though they have their own pros and cons they both be the main component if we step towards the mobile web designing.

Let's jump onto the web designing section now. What is web designing? Web designing involves the procedure of creating websites. It includes several various techniques and designs like page layout, colour, design, font size, computer graphics and many more. It is basically a small part of web development.  Let's jump onto the mobile web design. What is that? Have you heard about this term before? Is that something new tan o you? No, we all are aware of it. It is just we don't know it technically. Let's understand it in a different manner today. So, mobile web designing is nothing but a mobile-friendly website that gives complete information on your website with the help of images, contents, video, links and many more. It should be completely user-friendly. It must be accessible and readable to everyone and in every device like a smartphone, tablets, desktop, laptop and etc. And it is really important not for the traffic but also increases the sales.

Let's understand how to make a worthy mobile web design -

There are some key points that one should always remember if working on mobile web design and these are :

Always use legible text - In India, 75% of people use mobile phone for their daily purpose whether in office or at home. And it becomes very difficult for them to read those stressful words on a phone screen. In order to design your website the best, always focus on texts. Use dark coloured text and large size with readable font.

Design it with flexible images - Design everything in a responsive manner. Since your phone size is not as big as your desktop screen, so always remember to make it adjustable. It should be including the option of zoom and zoom out so that the audience can clearly focused on your product or advertisement.

Good loading speed is key - we all always focus on the  top speed and neglect the phone speed. As in order to gain traffic, your website should be open in three-four seconds only, no matter what the device is.

It must have social media integration - every online store must have the social button so that it can be shared more and more. And it should easily be found by the visitors.

Always provide contact information - Your contact information must be there on your online store. So that people or your audience can have easy access with you. You should provide clickable contact information.

Technology these days are increasing day by day. We all can work or perform all the activities at home. So, why not make it simple for people as well to perform and indulge more on this kind of activities. It not only enhance the business experience but also give more user experience.


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